The HG Dilemma

Now that I’m able to eat regularly most of the time, a daily challenge I face is this peculiar dilemma that HG poses. I can get super hungry due to the pregnancy but I’m also quite nauseous at the same time. So what do you do when you feel famished but nauseous at the same time?

The two very conflicting feelings warring inside my stomach drive me insane. Sometimes I just want to scream at my body, “What do you want me to do?!” Some people say their nausea gets better when they eat…but for me, it seems like the only time I don’t feel the nausea is when I’m eating. After I’m done eating, I just feel full and even more nauseous than before! I really can’t figure out what’s worse – feeling super hungry/nauseous or full/gross/nauseous!

There’s just no escape from the nausea with HG. This perpetual mild-grade nausea lends itself to a sort of perpetual mild-grade depression. Because I feel icky/gross/queasy all the time, I tend to be irritable and sad much of the time. What keeps me going is the light at the end of this very long tunnel…my baby girl number two.

7 thoughts on “The HG Dilemma

  1. I am the same way with the starving/nauseaous! It’s horrible. The ONLY time I do not feel sick is when I am actively eating, but then I feel ten times worse when I am done. It’s maddening. 😦

  2. Sorry if this posts twice… I am in the same predicament where the only time I do not feel nauseaus is when I am actively eating… But as soon as I finish, I feel ten times worse. 😦

    • That has been my hope, too, but as I continue to be sick, I am losing hope! I know it was gone around 20 weeks with my first, but I was sick until delivery with my twins. This is just one baby so my fingers are crossed I am almost through the worst of it!!

      • Oh, I know how you feel! I thought that by 20 weeks I would feel so much better but the HG has been so persistent and long-lasting with this pregnancy. Wow – you’re a tough mama to have battled HG twice and going through it for a third time!

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