Beyond Morning Sickness

I’m 31 weeks and I’m just so tired…tired of the unending nausea. It seems to have gotten worse this week. I’ve been more constipated (maybe it’s a 3rd trimester thing?) which probably makes the nausea worse. I feel so gross.

I’m tired of being stuck at home and not being able to go out regularly. I’m tired of being dependent on everyone. I’m tired of the nerve pain in my leg and major pelvic pressure. I wanted to go see the acupuncturist today for the nerve pain but I was so nauseous…I decided not to go after all! That’s when I realized the nausea is worse than the pain. I’m tired of waiting for the baby to come. I’m tired of people not understanding HG fully. I’m tired of being a halfhearted mommy to my 15 month old. I’ve been feeling down all day today due to the nausea.

By the end of the day, the fatigue was taking its toll on me. I broke down and started crying…but I couldn’t wallow in self-pity for too long because Annelise brought me a book and asked me to read to her. I wondered if she noticed that mommy had been crying. She didn’t seem to notice thankfully. I read to her…in between broken sobs. And then she wanted me to read the book again. So I did, even though I just wanted to cry.

I decided to email Beyond Morning Sickness, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting women suffering from HG. Ashli Foshee McCall, the founder of this organization, wrote a book about her HG experience, “Beyond Morning Sickness”; she chronicles her horrific battle with HG which ended in termination of her pregnancy. The book also contains valuable information about hyperemesis as well as a comprehensive treatment plan for HG.

Someone from BMS emailed me back immediately and offered to send me a free copy of Ashli’s book as well as a children’s book about HG. He also said that one of their volunteers (someone who has survived HG) could offer support via email. I was so touched by the generosity of this organization. I emailed him back to thank him and this is the response I received (which brought tears to my eyes):

“Mimi, you are more than welcome!  Thank you for your wishes for Ashli.  And thank you for doing so much for your baby.  YOU are an example of what true generosity is.  It’s easy for me to ship out a few books — but the sacrifice you are making is simply astonishing.  You have endured the horrendous suffering that HG brings for another human being who you have never met, and who may not even have a name.  The few minutes and few dollars I spend for you are nothing compared to what you are doing for your family and your baby.

God bless you!


I was so touched by this email! It is nice to know that someone truly understands what I’m going through. I’m really looking forward to reading these books. If you or anyone is suffering from HG right now, please contact Beyond Morning Sickness!

11 thoughts on “Beyond Morning Sickness

  1. Hi honey! I’m a former sufferer and volunteer with bms. I’m so sorry your facing this journey. you are so loved and appreciated! If you can manage, though its hard on your teeth, kiwi can help tremendously with the constipation. I was able to keep it down for a few weeks before I developed an aversion to them. praying foe you sweetie!!! Please feel free to email me anytime!

  2. So sorry it’s such a struggle 😦 Having another little one to take care of on top of everything else is a blessing, of course, but also incredibly challenging when you can’t be with them the way you’d like to be and you feel terrible. My little boy is almost 20 months and really craves my attention (of course)… there are times it’s been heartbreaking to miss out on things with him, although I am grateful that his grandparents, uncle and dad have been able to take over when it’s been really bad for me. I hope you’re able to get some relief from all the other symptoms and that the next weeks go quickly for you!

  3. Hi Mimi, I hope you’re feeling better! I volunteer for Beyond Morning Sickness and saw your blog post. I admire your courage and strength. Keep on at it!! We are rooting for you.


  4. Lyle is the best and so are all the volunteers! A lady named Heather supported me through my pregnancy, she was amazing! Constipation is the worse! I have had constipation pains so bad they were worse then labor, there were times I thought that the constipation was worse then hyperemesis! It is so not fair! Hang in there, it will end soon! It will be worth it!

  5. I’m praying that you are feeling better each day as you approach the finish line! I suffered with HG just a few months ago and had amazing support from BMS. I am now a volunteer with them. Please know that you are not alone!! We are here for you and time you need us!

    • Hi Sabrina,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out to me. I appreciate all your support and prayers! I can’t wait for the day to be done with HG and to start volunteering for BMS as BMS has been such a blessing to me.

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