A Prayer for Duchess Kate

This morning I got a text from a friend informing me that Duchess Kate was diagnosed with hyperemesis. She was admitted to the hospital for IV hydration treatment. Wow. This is big news. First off, my heart goes out to Kate. I would not wish HG upon my worst enemy. It is absolute hell. Secondly, my hope and prayer is that her celebrity-dom will help inform the public as well as the medical community about the seriousness of this pregnancy disease – that it is not simply morning sickness!

My prayer for Duchess Kate –

May the Lord protect you and your baby. May the Lord give you His strength and His grace to make it through the darkness of HG which clouds our judgment and rationality. May God protect you from the temptation to terminate your pregnancy to end the nausea. May Duke William and your family and friends support you throughout this difficult trial – may they encourage you and help you through the endless nights of nausea and vomiting. May the Lord use you and your status to bring knowledge about HG to the world so that women who are suffering from HG will receive appropriate medical treatment!

10 thoughts on “A Prayer for Duchess Kate

  1. Hi Mimi!!! I loved your statement, I hope Kate reads it and feels empowered by it. Thank god she’s very strong physically, athletic and all, and she has William by her, so love will never be absent. Let’s hope she feels better soon and everythings goes great!!

    • Hi Kalie,
      Thank you! I hope she reads it too. 🙂 But if not, I hope other women going through HG read it. I hope she finds relief from her symptoms by the end of her first trimester but many women suffer the entire pregnancy.

      • i get more worried cause Kate fainted last year when she was in Balmoral with the royals..adding that fact with the problems now, i really hope she overcomes everything.

  2. My beautiful daughter is going to be 18 in Feb and when I became pregnant,I thought this is what it feels to for a slow,painful death.
    Given compazine,a anti nausea med.) I almost swollowed my tounge and broke my jaw from a bizarre allergic reaction to this drug. So once at er,benadryl saved us!!
    For four months I suffered and was in and out of the hospital for dehydration. After many good ,healthy months I developed preeclamsia/ toximia. Wow,no wonder why I was so scared to never have another child. Women who do,bless theory special gene because I literally couldn’t bare to go it again.Selfish,yes,but I’m the one who must be s healthy mom to take care of children.
    Needless to say,no more for us but I wouldn’t have it any other way. My Steph is a college bound teen ready to take on the world.
    whatever makes you feel better but remember you matter most above all and god only gives you what you can handle.:)
    Great article/ blog . I wish it was around when I was a baby maker- circa 1985-99.

    • Hi Janine,
      Thank you for your kind comments! It is indeed pure torture physically and mentally. With this pregnancy, I also had a dystonic reaction to Compazine and went to the ER! I do not blame you at all for choosing to not go through it again. I’m so glad your daughter is healthy and college bound!

  3. Thank you for writing this today! I know all HG Mommas both currently suffering and survivors hearts go out to Kate that she will get the treatment and support she needs. I know I’ve had some hard times today thinking back on my suffering with all of publicity HG has gotten in the past 24 hours. I hate that she has to go through this but I know a lot of us see this as a glimmer of hope that maybe the world can become more educated about HG. Maybe her story will touch someone else to get through HG and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for sharing your prayer with us I try to keep every Momma currently trying to overcome their battles with HG whether past or present in my prayers everyday. I hope you are staying strong this week!

    • Hi Amber,
      Thank you for continued support! I certainly have mixed feelings about the news. Like you said, I feel horrible that she has to suffer HG. And at the same time, I feel hopeful that her status will help to educate and inform the media about the details of HG – that it is not simply morning sickness! And yes, I try to pray everyday for every HG sufferer out there! Thanks again!

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