Battling Hyperemesis Again…

The media has been all over Princess Kate’s second pregnancy. Sadly, it looks like she has hyperemesis again. Going through two HG pregnancy nightmares myself, my heart goes out to her. Having to care for a child while suffering from HG is the most challenging part of a 2nd HG pregnancy. I experienced a lot of guilt about not being there for Annelise when I was battling HG for the second time. When I was pregnant with Katelynn, I wrote an article for the NY Daily News – an open letter to Kate regarding HG. 

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Here are some tips for women going through HG for the second time –

1) Have your husband or other family members take care of your child full-time so that you can rest and get better.

2) Don’t compare your current symptoms with your first pregnancy. Each pregnancy is different. Accept the fact that this pregnancy is different and may be worse than the first.

3) It is totally normal to have a lot of guilt about not being able to care for your first child but remember that children are resilient and once your HG is done, things will get back to normal. You are providing the best possible gift (the gift of life) – a new sibling for your child!

4) Even though you went through this once already, each time you battle HG is just as difficult. Get as much support from family and friends as you possibly can.

5) Make sure you find a good OB who understands or is at least empathetic regarding hyperemesis. Advocate for yourself because you know firsthand how bad it can get!