NY Daily News Article & Inside Edition Segment!

Hyperemesis Gravidarum has become a trendy topic in the media since Duchess Kate’s hospitalization due to the disorder. Some of the news coverage has been good while others have butchered the opportunity to inform the public about HG. The hosts of The View managed to cause uproar in the HG community when they announced Duchess Kate’s pregnancy and hospital admission and flippantly joked about her “morning sickness” and said it “doesn’t sound too bad.” It is appalling and mortifying that an Emmy-winning show like The View did not take the time to research HG before discussing it on national television! Their approach to talking about this disorder was completely insensitive to Duchess Kate as well as the many women who have and are currently suffering from HG. Many of us have written to the show expressing our concerns and deep disappointment. We are hoping that the hosts of The View will issue a public apology and take the time to explain the real dangers and symptoms of HG.

Through a funny string of circumstances, I was contacted by one of the editors of the NY Daily News yesterday. He asked me to write an article offering advice to Duchess Kate about surviving HG. I had to quickly jot down my thoughts as he needed it to be done within a couple hours. I haven’t been able to sleep much this week due to the nausea. I felt so nauseous and exhausted but somehow I got an extra boost of energy to write this article because I was so excited about the potential it has to educate the public about HG.

Early this morning at 6 am, I received an email from a producer at Inside Edition. She had found my blog through the NY Daily News article and said they wanted to interview me for a segment on HG! Needless to say, I was shocked and flustered (not to mention sleep-deprived!) but I agreed to do the interview. I knew I had to push through the exhaustion in order to share about my HG experience on behalf of all of you who are suffering through it now. The segment aired this afternoon in Los Angeles. Here is a clip of it that you can watch online –


I am truly thankful for the opportunities this week to share about hyperemesis and hope I’ve helped to get the right information out there. I hope that more and more people will become knowledgeable about HG so that women experiencing HG do not have to suffer in isolation or have their symptoms minimized by even medical professionals. And I hope they know that they are not alone in this battle and that they can endure it (as difficult as it is!) to the end to receive the best gift in the world!

A Prayer for Duchess Kate

This morning I got a text from a friend informing me that Duchess Kate was diagnosed with hyperemesis. She was admitted to the hospital for IV hydration treatment. Wow. This is big news. First off, my heart goes out to Kate. I would not wish HG upon my worst enemy. It is absolute hell. Secondly, my hope and prayer is that her celebrity-dom will help inform the public as well as the medical community about the seriousness of this pregnancy disease – that it is not simply morning sickness!

My prayer for Duchess Kate –

May the Lord protect you and your baby. May the Lord give you His strength and His grace to make it through the darkness of HG which clouds our judgment and rationality. May God protect you from the temptation to terminate your pregnancy to end the nausea. May Duke William and your family and friends support you throughout this difficult trial – may they encourage you and help you through the endless nights of nausea and vomiting. May the Lord use you and your status to bring knowledge about HG to the world so that women who are suffering from HG will receive appropriate medical treatment!